Cameron Davidson

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Mount Vernon for Virginia Tourism

Fun two day shoot for a long-term client. First morning was spent building lighting for video and still shooting of the Mount Vernon distillery. Since this was a mixed video and still shoot, I brought my friend Jon Roemer into the mix.  Jon and his able assistant Chris Flanegan handled video production and Kristian Thacker and I took care of the stills.  Mount Vernon is prohibited airspace, so no helicopters or drones are allowed.  Answer: articulated lifts.  I have shot from them for years and they're a great answer for the right project or client.

Mount Vernon at sunrise from a 40′ articulated lift .

Sarah Hauser's view of Jon and I on the lift for the evening shot.

West side of the mansion with the Potomac River and moon rise.

Scrims outside of the entrance to the distillery.  cutting down the harsh morning light. © Jon Roemer

Jon Roemer's pan of the distillery with our lighting. 

Jon's Canon C300 amidst the smoke from the banked fire.

One of the selects from the shoot.

Jon's shot of our shadow over the south gardens.

Jon's funny little video. Worth watching.

Many thanks to the good folks at Mount Vernon and of course, Virginia Tourism. 

Extra special thanks to Jon Roemer, Chris Flenegan and Kristian Thacker.