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Pope Francis and Climate Change

A few months ago, Lisa Vosper, the Creative Director for Visual Media at the Natural Resources Defense council asked me to participate in a program on Climate Change and Social Justice.

NRDC along with The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design, Buckminster Fuller Institute, International Center of Photography, Poetry Society of America and Urban Green Council were partners in a remarkable event at the Great Hall at Cooper Union on March 24th, 2016.

Celebrating Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change, Our Common Home,  was created as a response to his call for change and on how we, as humans, impact our planet.

There were ten speakers at the event and in between the speakers, photographs were projected.  I am honored to be included in this group of outstanding environmental photographers.

A few of my hero’s are here: James Balog, Brown W. Cannon III, Paul Colangelo, J. Henry Fair, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Christina Mitttermeier, Paul Nicklen, Greta Rybus and Sebastiao Salgado.

Ten photographs from each photographer were shown and one in included in the Our Common Home booklet.

The image of mine that was chosen, shows desert and homes in North Las Vegas and is part of a 2010 project in the American West photographing suburbs and green lawns encroaching upon desert.

Cameron Davidson