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Capture One version 9

Capture One version 9.1

I started using Capture One was back at version 2.7.  I’ve tried a few other RAW converters and image management programs.  They’re good, but C1 just feels right to me, for how I shoot and how I process my files.

The good folks at Phase One asked me to beta-test version 9.1 and to write up my thoughts about the latest version.

There are several new features that stand out to me.  New Color Editor tools: Saturation, Hue and Lightness uniformity sliders and increased emphasis on keywords and metadata.

The additional Color Editor sliders take this amazing tool and make it an absolute essential.  You have more control over color, hue, saturation and lightness than before – which was already and drop-dead amazing tool – that I don’t believe any other software has as a module, add-on or option.

The new Export/Output Keyword List restrictions is useful for large scale photo library shoots, ad shoots and even stock photography libraries.

By being able to control which keywords are exported in a selection of images, you the ability to selectively manage your images within a session or catalog.  Example: let’s say you recently completed a stock photo shoot that you intend to submit to several agencies.  The key wording for all of the images could be the same except the selects going to Gallery Stock or Getty or another agency of your choosing.  You can keyword a set for Getty and export those and restrict the keywords to not include Getty.  However, you would know in your keyword search, which images were submitted to Getty.

Useful tool.

C1 is different in layout and approach than other programs.  I prefer its folder within a folder process and keeping the contents of a session together.

It is an incredible program and it takes a person new to the program awhile to understand it. But once you do, it is well worth it.

C1 has best tethering in the business, the best RAW files conversions and Phase One builds the camera profiles for C1 from using and testing new cameras- not from example RAW files that are provided by the camera manufacturers.

Of course there are a bunch more new goodies in version 9.1: new Canon tethering engine, six shortcuts to simplify your workflow, new features specific to the Phase One XF camera, nine new camera profiles and ten new lens profiles.

Phase One offers a thirty-day free trial of Capture One.

Also, they have an wonderful YouTube channel full of instructional videos.

Once you decide to commit to Capture One – the must read blog posts by “The Professor” are full of useful information and tips.

Cameron Davidson