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Carolina Bays

A couple of months ago, Hannah Wright of Our State Magazine (Celebrating North Carolina) called me and asked to see a collection of my Carolina Bay aerials.

OK, What is a Carolina Bay?  A Carolina Bay is a lake that may have been formed by the ice splash/skip/debris from the meteor that created James Bay in Canada – or maybe not.  No one really knows how they were formed.  Ranging from far southern Virginia to just barely in Florida, there are a set of lakes that have a similar form.  They were not discovered until the 1930’s via aerial photographs.  How do I know this?  I shot a story for Smithsonian magazine in the late nineties on Carolina Bays.  I spent a week, exploring them with a writer on the ground, in the water and of course, in the air.



A few images were in my Getty collection but most of them were resting quietly in a file cabinet.  I chose a few for Hannah to review and sent off low-rez scans.

Hannah chose this one, Jones Lake in Bladen county, for the story in the May 2016 issue of Our State.

Technical details: Nikon F5 and good old-contrasty-as-all-get-out, super-saturated Fuji Velvia film processed by the much-loved and not forgotten Capital Color in Arlington, Virginia.  I used a Nikkor 35mm F/2 lens, Kenyon-KS-4 gyroscope to keep the vibrations at bay and the aircraft of choice that day, was a well used Cessna 172.

This image is in the Getty collection and if available for additional licensing:

Cameron Davidson