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Graphis Photo Annual 2016

Pleased to announce that two images I shot last year won silver awards in the 2016 Graphis Photo Annual.

If you do not know Graphis, you should it out.  It is the design bible. Graphis Magazine is published in Europe and is the equal to Communication Arts. (another prestigious photography annual)

Both images were shot on personal projects.

The first is of Hidden Point in Newfoundland.  Shot on a scary, foggy, windy day with a rising tide on my Alpa 12 Max camera outfitted with my 40 Alpagon lens and trusty Leaf Credo 60 digital back.

The second image chosen was from my 12 day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean from England to France and down to the Caribbean Island of St. Martin.

This was a long-exposure image shot in the early evening with a my Nikon D810 sporting the fabulous 14-24mm Nikkor, clamped to rail.

Cameron Davidson