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AVERS Band for Virginia Tourism

Shot last fall in Bristol, Virginia for Virginia Tourism. Bristol, Virginia is right next door to Bristol, Tennessee. The north side of State Street falls in Virginia and the southern half belongs to Tennessee.  Police Officers for both cities patrol State street.

First shot is of Alex Spalding, the bassist and one of several singers for the psych-pop band, AVERS.  The write catchy tunes and play with some great old school guitars and amps. The band has a love of sixties and seventies music and it shows.

Video crew shot with available light and Nate Mays assisted me with strobes and general all-around great person to have on the shoot, attitude. 

Video project was separate from the still shoot.  We shared a set and like all good video crews, they pushed into my time frame.  (Just one more shot....five more minutes and that's it.)  Thankfully, Nate and I had our set and lighting locked down.  We were able to shift a bit and make it all work. 


Production & Post By: pigsalreadyfly
Director, Editor, Colorist, Producer: Peter Szijarto
Director of Photography: Alexander Kreher
Line Producer: Nathan Nunnelly

Cameron Davidson