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More time-lapse and short videos with DaVinci Resolve

Working on a few more videos.  Soon, all these shorts will combine into a story about crossing the Atlantic. Love the music I'm pulling from

I like the simplicity of Resolve 12.5 (DaVanci Resolve 14 is out on Beta). I'm not keen on subscription-based software (although BlackMagic offers a subscription for DaVinci Resolve.) The cost of DaVinci Resolve Studio is $299 - a drop from $999 - and half of what subscription plans cost. 

The new version offers more than Premiere or FCPX.  I plan to upgrade once it is out of beta. 

Another reason for me switching to Resolve from FCPX is I plan to eventually build a computer to run Linux (Ubunti Gnome or Elementary OS) and dual boot as a Hackintosh.  DaVinci Resolve is the only NLE that works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.