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Capture One lens diffraction test


Testing my Nikon 45mm Perspective control lens with the new Nikon D850 bodies.  Testing out lens diffraction correction in Capture One 11.  Basically, if you shoot at a small aperture (here at f/13) - you will start to lose sharpness.  Capture One has several tools to help you "recapture" sharpness loss from diffraction.  Testing this on the D850 Nikon, a 46 megapixel monster  - the perfect combo.  I've tested the new Nikon 19mm perspective-control lens and it is stellar.  The Nikon 45 and 85mm PC lenses are an older design. 

I am looking for the sweet spot from each lens.  Shooting a lot more infrastructure projects these days and the PC lenses are the perfect tool to use for this type of "architectural" photography.

I often use Wilson Bridge in Alexandria as my lens test subject.