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Graphis Photo Annual 2018

Pleased to see that the two images I entered into the Graphis Photo Annual were awarded a Gold and Silver..


Many people help you on an assignment, nothing is done in a vacuum.  Many thanks to Sarah Leen, Director of Photography for National Geographic for the assignment. Sadie Quarrier of NatGeo suggested me for the shoot. (Sadie and I had worked together on Smithsonian stories) and to ace photo editor Kurt Mutchler for direction and help with this shoot.  There was a fair amount of pre-planning, getting me to Florida before the Hurricane struck and working with a group of helo pilots at HMC Helicopter at Tamiami airport.


Funny, I just posted a picture of Wilson Bridge and then this one from last fall won a Gold in Graphis.  I am enjoying shooting infrastructure from the ground as much as I shoot it from the air.

This was a personal shot, testing out a news lens combo on the Nikon D850.