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I've been exploring mixing up the Instagram feed with new and archive material.  This morning I dug through my libraries and came up with an image from one of my favorite aerial shoots, Christo's - The Gates in Central Park.  Shot from a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter and using a hand-made lens for Hewson Group, a NYC design firm that was a long-time client. Jane Hewson, the founder, is one of my favorite designers/clients/people and she recently moved away from NYC and is semi-retired.  We did three-flights that day.  Early morning, mid-day and a sunset/dusk flight. Since it was winter, my favorite images are from mid-day, the light is bright, clean and casting long shadows.  The hand-made lens was inspired by photographer Mark Tucker's explorations with loupes as camera lenses.  (This was before Lens Babies and tilted tilt/shift lenses were commonly used for commercial shoots) 

Of course, I shot with traditional lenses for my client.  They ended up using a combination of both as large display prints for a law firm office that overlooked Central Park.