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A blog by Washington DC photographer Cameron Davidson.

Shooting aerials - Drones and Helicopters

I have shot aerials for most of my career.  Starting off in the early eighties I shot aerials from a Piper Cub for a National Geographic story, quickly switched over to helicopters and now shoot a mix of drone and helo shoots.

Helicopter list (so far) of all the ships I have flown in for aerial photography. (29 and counting)

  • AStar with B350 (Ethiopia, NYC)
  • AStar B350 FX (British Columbia, Alberta)
  • AStar Twin-Star (Squirrel) (NYC, London, New Zealand)
  • Eurocopter 120 (Denmark)
  • Bell 47 (Florida, Delaware, Texas)
  • Bell Jet Ranger (USA, UK, Canada, Jamaica)
  • Bell Long Ranger (USA, Canada, UK)
  • UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) (Missouri Flood -  US Army Guard)
  • Bell 47 with Soloy Turbine conversion (Florida)
  • Bell 407 (New York City, New Jersey)
  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook (Washington DC-Maryland - US Army)
  • Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight (Florida - Hurricane Andrew - US Navy)
  • Airbus MH-65 Dolphin (Missouri - Mississippi River Flood - US Coast Guard)
  • Bolkow BK-105 (Gulf of Mexico)
  • Mil Mi-8 (Wrangel Island - Russian Arctic)
  • Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 (Alabama)
  • Enstrom F-28 (Tennessee, Virginia, Texas)
  • Enstrom 280 (Tennessee, Arkansas)
  • Enstrom 480 (Chicago)
  • MD 500 C (Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Chicago, NYC)
  • MD 500 D (California)
  • MH-6 Little Bird (Chicago, Missouri)
  • Robinson R-22 (East Coast USA - no longer use for aerials)
  • R-44 (USA, Canada, UK)
  • R-66 (Virginia, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico)
  • Rotorway Exec 90 (Arkansas - home-built helo - never again)
  • Schweitzer 300/269 (Idaho, Virginia, New Jersey, New York City)
  • Sikorsky S-76 (Gulf of Mexico)
  • UH-60 Blackhawk (Virginia)
 Schweitzer 300/Hughes 269

Schweitzer 300/Hughes 269

Drones flown/owned so far:

Inspire 2 with five lenses

Inspire 1 with four lenses (sold)

Phantom P4 Pro

Phantom P3 Pro (sold)

Phantom P2 with GoPro Hero 3 (sold)

Phantom P1 with GoPro Hero 1 (Crashed in Virginia - resting in the branches of a national forest)

3DR Solo (Sold)