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West Virginia Photographer Kristian Thacker

Number one in a series of brief and occasional looks at former photographic assistants who have made the jump into shooting full-time.

First up is Kristian Thacker.

I first started working with Kristian about eight or nine years ago. What impressed me initially about Kristian was his work ethic. He researched the photographers he wanted to work with and fortunately for me, I was one of them. Kristian knew he wanted to shoot on location. He researched photographers who shot in a style that he felt he could contribute to and also learn from. My initial impression was positive from the get-go, plus it helped that he had worked at an aerial mapping service. So, I knew he wasn’t afraid of heights or flying.

The very first assignment we worked on was for a utility company annual report and it was in early January. The shoot was in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, before sunrise and brutally cold. Kristian was prepared with proper clothing and boots - no whining about how frigid the temps were - just lets gets the job done right attitude. It was smooth sailing from the first day.

Kristian is from West Virginia, as is my family. Both of my parents have deep roots in WV and that connection to WV was a positive shared family and cultural background.

We ended up working together for about five years. Solid person, great personality, strong work ethic and a unique eye.

Kristian lives in north-central West Virginia and, is, in my opinion, a real asset for editors and corporations who need a West Virginia Photographer with deep talent and a reliable, easy going professional demeanor.

Check out his website at:

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