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Capture One 11 Workshop for APA DC

Workshop was in two-parts.  First part, on January 20th was hosted at Renee Comet's studio and taught by the good folks at Capture Integration.

The second half was taught by Carlton Wolfe and myself at Hoist Studio on January 27th.

Below is a list of Capture One resources that you may find useful.

Capture One Resources:

Capture Integration: (training and workshop support)

CAPTURE ONE YouTube Channel:



Phase One Professor Tips:

ALEX on YouTube Channel:

Alex on RAW Film styles: (These are excellent!) 

(Alex came out with his film styles several years ago, he updates them often and is brilliant about explaining how Capture One works. Alex gave me a set of the new styles that I have purchased in the past. I often use his Portra set)

Image Alchemist:

Excellent source of information about C1 with a large collection of presets, collections and styles available.

A previous blog post on C1 presets:




Capture One training class on January 28th

Tyler Darden (Richmond photographer and former Art Director for Virginia Living) and I are teaching an intensive class on Capture One for APA DC at Renee Comet's studio on January 28th.

This workshop is aimed at assistants and working professionals.  Tyler teaches a C1 course at VCU and I've used the program since version 2.7 (2006).  Phase One recently released version 10.  For those who know, Capture One is the standard for tethering and most high-end production shoots.  It is an incredible program that offers more control over the RAW image than any other. 

Download a trial version at PhaseOne.   Go to to sign-up starting the 16th of December.  The class is limited to 15.

USB Wholesales Drives is an excellent source for USB drives.  Each attendee will receive a USB drive with loads of extra Capture One goodies - including film styles.