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Nat Geo shoot in the American West

Nice and short all aerial shoot in the American West last week. Shot aerials on a very interesting place on the West Coast. Primary photographer for the story shot on the ground and I filled with images from above.


Found the pilot I wanted to work with via calls to other aerial photographer colleagues. Spend a few hours researching this person after our initial phone call. I felt comfortable flying wth them after a bit of “background” checking.


There were two flights for this assignment - O’Dark early in the morning and O’Dark later in the evening. One of the joys of the new Nikons’ is their extreme low-light capability. I feel quite comfortable shooting from the air well after dusk. Throw in super fast Nikon and or Zeiss lenses and it is a winning combo when stabilized with the Kenyon 4x4 gyroscope.


This was a quick turn-around assignment. Fly to the American West last Thursday. Pre-flight meeting with pilot. Fly two flights on Friday. Return home on Saturday that ran into Sunday due to numerous flight delays due to thunderstorms in Texas.