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Capture One lens diffraction test

Testing my Nikon 45mm Perspective control lens with the new Nikon D850 bodies.  Testing out lens diffraction correction in Capture One 11.  Basically, if you shoot at a small aperture (here at f/13) - you will start to lose sharpness.  Capture One has several tools to help you "recapture" sharpness loss from diffraction.  Testing this on the D850 Nikon, a 46 megapixel monster  - the perfect combo.  I've tested the new Nikon 19mm perspective-control lens and it is stellar.  The Nikon 45 and 85mm PC lenses are an older design. 

I am looking for the sweet spot from each lens.  Shooting a lot more infrastructure projects these days and the PC lenses are the perfect tool to use for this type of "architectural" photography.

I often use Wilson Bridge in Alexandria as my lens test subject.

Capture One 11 Workshop for APA DC

Workshop was in two-parts.  First part, on January 20th was hosted at Renee Comet's studio and taught by the good folks at Capture Integration.

The second half was taught by Carlton Wolfe and myself at Hoist Studio on January 27th.

Below is a list of Capture One resources that you may find useful.

Capture One Resources:

Capture Integration: (training and workshop support)

CAPTURE ONE YouTube Channel:



Phase One Professor Tips:

ALEX on YouTube Channel:

Alex on RAW Film styles: (These are excellent!) 

(Alex came out with his film styles several years ago, he updates them often and is brilliant about explaining how Capture One works. Alex gave me a set of the new styles that I have purchased in the past. I often use his Portra set)

Image Alchemist:

Excellent source of information about C1 with a large collection of presets, collections and styles available.

A previous blog post on C1 presets:




More time-lapse and short videos with DaVinci Resolve

Working on a few more videos.  Soon, all these shorts will combine into a story about crossing the Atlantic. Love the music I'm pulling from

I like the simplicity of Resolve 12.5 (DaVanci Resolve 14 is out on Beta). I'm not keen on subscription-based software (although BlackMagic offers a subscription for DaVinci Resolve.) The cost of DaVinci Resolve Studio is $299 - a drop from $999 - and half of what subscription plans cost. 

The new version offers more than Premiere or FCPX.  I plan to upgrade once it is out of beta. 

Another reason for me switching to Resolve from FCPX is I plan to eventually build a computer to run Linux (Ubunti Gnome or Elementary OS) and dual boot as a Hackintosh.  DaVinci Resolve is the only NLE that works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. 


Wandering Wheat

Wandering the northwestern wheat harvest in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  In early August of this year, I spent a week shooting aerials and landscapes of the wheat harvest - starting in Spokane and driving to the northeastern reaches of Oregon and southwestern Idaho. (During the 1989 harvest, I shot aerials from a Cessna, inspired by George Gerster's aerials of the Palouse) 

After a week of cool weather in the Northwest, I headed to a helicopter aerial and architecture shoot in Arizona for a corporate client.  (Bloody hot in Tucson and even worse in Phoenix in August.)