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Mercy Street for Visit Alexandria

A small shoot for Mercy Street by PBS and Visit Alexandria earlier this year.

Shoot brief was to show current Alexandria locations that are featured in the television show and superimpose Civil War Era photographs within the frame. 

Visit Alexandria provided the files and I printed the images for the talent to hold. 

All of the locations are in Old Town Alexandria and are featured in the TV show. You can walk to all of them within a few minutes.

DanFoss Campaign

A campaign shot this spring in Texas.

Shot aerial video outside of a store plus interior stills and videos inside the store.  Flew one of my drones down the middle of an store aisle with the drone turning on the lights as it flew past the cases.  My friend Jon Roemer shot loads of B-roll for this project and his shots are also in this video. Check out the second video to see one of my drones flying inside this mega grocery store.

Client: APCO Worldwide

Creative Director: David Sanchez

Client: Danfoss


Behind the scenes footage by Creative Director David Sanchez.

Exploring fog along the New River

Set of aerials for Virginia Tourism shot a few years back.  Spent two mornings shooting the New River Valley from a Bell jet Ranger. The fog grew so heavy at times, that we set the helicopter down along the river and waited for about 45 minutes.  Wonderful day. It is interesting (to me) to revisit shoots and take a look at what I missed and how I can grade and process the images in a contemporary manner.


Capture One Film - Looks Presets

UPDATE: October 4th, 2018

Capture One Styles from Phase One on their website. These are quite good and different than the and presets.

I removed a couple of older links to presets/styles that I feel are supplemented by newer options that feel more current to how people shoot.

More time-lapse and short videos with DaVinci Resolve

Working on a few more videos.  Soon, all these shorts will combine into a story about crossing the Atlantic. Love the music I'm pulling from

I like the simplicity of Resolve 12.5 (DaVanci Resolve 14 is out on Beta). I'm not keen on subscription-based software (although BlackMagic offers a subscription for DaVinci Resolve.) The cost of DaVinci Resolve Studio is $299 - a drop from $999 - and half of what subscription plans cost. 

The new version offers more than Premiere or FCPX.  I plan to upgrade once it is out of beta. 

Another reason for me switching to Resolve from FCPX is I plan to eventually build a computer to run Linux (Ubunti Gnome or Elementary OS) and dual boot as a Hackintosh.  DaVinci Resolve is the only NLE that works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. 


2017 Graphis Photo Annual

I am kinda at a loss for words for this post.  Thankful for all the adventures and great clients that allow me to explore this world. Honored that Graphis chose these images for the 2017 Photo Annual.  It is an incredible visual book - embracing many styles of photography and well worth buying.  There is truly stellar work in this years edition.

Cameron Davidson Graphis Photography Annual
Virginia Tourism campaign.

Virginia Tourism campaign.

Patuxent River Cameron Davidson Graphis Photography Annual
Cameron Davidson Graphis Photography Annual Winner
Series of 4.  This series won a Gold.

Series of 4.  This series won a Gold.

44 Seconds of Greenland | Sermeq Kujalleq

Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier

Aerial Footage of Sermeq Kujalleq icefield in western Greenland. Drone aerial footage shot in June 2016 with a DJI Inspire 1 and 12mm Olympus lens. Music by Per Kiilstofte. Edited with Davinci Resolve 12.5.

Cameron Davidson
AVERS Band for Virginia Tourism

Shot last fall in Bristol, Virginia for Virginia Tourism. Bristol, Virginia is right next door to Bristol, Tennessee. The north side of State Street falls in Virginia and the southern half belongs to Tennessee.  Police Officers for both cities patrol State street.

First shot is of Alex Spalding, the bassist and one of several singers for the psych-pop band, AVERS.  The write catchy tunes and play with some great old school guitars and amps. The band has a love of sixties and seventies music and it shows.

Video crew shot with available light and Nate Mays assisted me with strobes and general all-around great person to have on the shoot, attitude. 

Video project was separate from the still shoot.  We shared a set and like all good video crews, they pushed into my time frame.  (Just one more shot....five more minutes and that's it.)  Thankfully, Nate and I had our set and lighting locked down.  We were able to shift a bit and make it all work. 


Production & Post By: pigsalreadyfly
Director, Editor, Colorist, Producer: Peter Szijarto
Director of Photography: Alexander Kreher
Line Producer: Nathan Nunnelly

Cameron Davidson
Shooting film again?

A little bit of a test.  Tossing around the idea of along-term personal project shot with film on my old Rollei TLR. 

Here are a two images from long-exposure tests underneath Wilson Bridge in Alexandria.


Cameron Davidson
Wandering Wheat

Wandering the northwestern wheat harvest in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  In early August of this year, I spent a week shooting aerials and landscapes of the wheat harvest - starting in Spokane and driving to the northeastern reaches of Oregon and southwestern Idaho. (During the 1989 harvest, I shot aerials from a Cessna, inspired by George Gerster's aerials of the Palouse) 

After a week of cool weather in the Northwest, I headed to a helicopter aerial and architecture shoot in Arizona for a corporate client.  (Bloody hot in Tucson and even worse in Phoenix in August.)

Capture One training class on January 28th

Tyler Darden (Richmond photographer and former Art Director for Virginia Living) and I are teaching an intensive class on Capture One for APA DC at Renee Comet's studio on January 28th.

This workshop is aimed at assistants and working professionals.  Tyler teaches a C1 course at VCU and I've used the program since version 2.7 (2006).  Phase One recently released version 10.  For those who know, Capture One is the standard for tethering and most high-end production shoots.  It is an incredible program that offers more control over the RAW image than any other. 

Download a trial version at PhaseOne.   Go to to sign-up starting the 16th of December.  The class is limited to 15.

USB Wholesales Drives is an excellent source for USB drives.  Each attendee will receive a USB drive with loads of extra Capture One goodies - including film styles.

WalMart and the Wilderness

Way back in 2010, I shot a cover story for Preservation magazine about Walmart and their proposed super store near the Wilderness battlefield in central Virginia. I photographed a Walmart store and printed an "SX-70" Polaroid for art director Jessie Despard to hold. Walmart decided against building the store due to preservation and historical group opposition. Kristian Thacker was the assistant that day.  (Kristian is now shooting.....based in West Virginia... a great guy who is very talented.)

Cameron Davidson